sushi & solange.

sushi n solange

Fckn amazing!
It was the best tuesday I’ve had in ages. Sushi with the ladies at Tokyo Cafe and after that straight to the Melkweg. The only downside to that evening, was waiting so long for Solange to get on stage, but when she was there… oh my! Girl put on a show, the band was fab’ and Solange definitely sounds heavenly live. I was filming the whole time like: “oh this is my fav and this one too!”. So basically I just love her whole album. She sang most of her songs from Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams, but also covered classics like Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet, Lovefool from The Cardigans and did her version of Zero 7’s Destiny. Her great music taste is what makes her album so amazing, + kinda reminds me of myself hihi.. I think I was the only one jumping of joy when she hit Lovefool right after Would’ve Been The One. Superb follow up, really! AND she’s just really really cool, down to earth and has a potty mouth! I do wish I had the chance to dance with her when she was walking through the crowd, some other lucky bastard did. Anyways, because I was filming all the time, Darcey (chica I was thrilled to have u along!) took most of the pictures. I’m still waiting for em, so I’ll probably post those another time.. For now videos from her performance under the cut (not all, so stay tuned). Hope u enjoy, I sure did!

Intro Dancing in the Dark.

Would’ve Been The One & Lovefool

It’s Oh So Quiet & T.O.N.Y.

Cosmic Journey

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