Hellz Bellz – Summer 09 – SO LOLITA.

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 SO LOLITA

Ladies get your lolita on this summer! Hellz’ latest summer ’09 collection SO LOLITA is available now and sizzling hot.

So Lolita exudes a modern day coquette… She’s unpredictable playing it up with the high fashion “Hellz Naw” jacket to the raw “Gun It” dress while maintaining an idealism of Black is NOW but Color is ALWAYS, bringing forth a vamped up innocence.

The SO LOLITA collection offers a variety styles to complete any females wardrobe including key staple summer looks, from a range of volume bubble skirts to edgy studded vest to the graphic tees synonymous to Hellz. Taking the construction of the line to new heights, Hellz revamped silhouettes and wear ability by providing light weight nylon jackets for a stylish look in comfort.

The whole shoot looks great and has been shot by Brooke Nipar. To view the complete lookbook go to the new & improved Hellz Bellz website: www.hellz-bellz.com.  

The SO LOLITA collection is available now at your local retailer. So from the top of my head you can sure find it at: Tom’s (Amsterdam), Woei (Rotterdam) and FreshCotton (online) here in the NL.

More images below…

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 1

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 2

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 3

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 4

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 5

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 6

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 7

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 - 8

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