Notorious Throwback : Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers

Why the hell is it getting so boring in this country? Or is it that I’m just way too busy with school? Days go by with the same ‘ol same ‘ol and nothing seems to be adventurous anymore… Definitely not for me and I can’t wait to get outta here asap! My days need to be juicy, fun, unexpected, almost action movie like. And that sure ain’t happening here. Today consisted of a doctor’s appointment, a short lesson, train rides, accompanied by music from Jay-Z, Dr. Octagon and the great, the grand, Notorious B.I.G. Besides that just buggin out and being bored. So I guess I have to amuse myself then with slightly less boring things – watch sunday’s mtv movie awards (andy samberg is too funny!), make a checklist with things that I need on vacation, come up with new ideas that I want to bring to life and now some blogging. Where I just came across this link over at referring to my blog, where apparently I blog about the same topics as a site/blog called Nenz that I don’t even know of. That’s called the internet for ya! All the same ‘ol same ‘ol – an endless simulacra. So you’re bound to have the same things (not for all of us thank God). Whatsup people, is it this country or are we all getting too ordinary? Je ne sais pas. All I know is that I ain’t no boring kid, so I refuse to go on with being bored with everything around me. So in the name of Mel B, Mel C, Emma, Victoria and Geri: SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

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