OMFG, Amsterdam!

I just got this email saying:


GA NAAR 2:48 en dan zie jeeeeeeee…

In english, go to 2:48min and then you will see…
So I was reading it in a hurry and looked over that 2:48 min part. I was like who the f’ am I going to see that I have to listen to this wannabe gangster bs’ (no offense)?! I was not amused. Until 2:48min and I saw MY SIS DEE AND I saying “Amsterdam” in the camera!!! I was like holllllllllllllllllllld up, what the #*&@! Who the hell, when the hell and where the hell was this filmed and why don’t I remember this?! Curaaazy stuff. By the looks of what I’m wearing and the hairdo I can probably recall the day, but that was like 2 years ago. I was in the city with my girls Deejay, Felicity and her friend. I remember a lot of things: singing and creating our own photoshoot through the city, having dinner at our spot Spang Makandra, climbing in that huge clog near the Dam, playing dress up at Studio Shop, dancing in front of the mirrors at central station and climbing on stuff there. And going to Nneka’s concert that evening.. But not saying “AM-STER-DAM” in cameras and other bull crap like that. Definitely didn’t see that coming. DJ, wij weer!!

I found pictures of that day, which you can find below.
They were dated 24-03-07. So that does make it 2 years ago.



  1. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    hahahah crazy people!!
    soooo my lady this is the second video you’re in!!
    it’s going well .. you’re domlompandFAMOUS 😛

  2. VideoVixen

    go get ’em


    ill c u friday right?

    shall we make a vid also? 😀

  3. That’s right, see ya on friday u Hip Hop Honey! 😉

  4. Deejay

    still can’t believe we in the vid’ 😀 HILARIOUS!
    Those were the days mayne.. we should hook up in Amsterdam again, ASAP!!

    Love 1 x DJ

    PS: NSJ, WE’RE GOING!!!!!

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