Uslu Airlines & LemLem at Colette

Uslu Airlines LAS

New goodies to make the heart beat over at Colette (Paris)! While reading the latest 411 on Colette’s up ‘n coming stock via email, these two def’ caught my attention. 1. Uslu Airlines newest LAS (Las Vegas Airport) nail varnish, especially for Colette, is beyond! All glitter and glam in their signature 293c blue. I’ve had glittery varnish before, but from the looks of it, this is straight up disco fever. J’adore and j’want, like now!


The other thing that caught my eye, was top-model Liya Kedebe’s LemLem – a collection of ethnic, ethical and chic scarves. All LemLem scarves are made of 100% cotton and manufactured in Ethiopia, Kedebe’s native country. Super cute scarves and absolutely my thing. Both items are exclusively for Colette and the varnish is also available via their Eshop. I’ve got shopping to do!!

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