Quick Goodbye’s & Great Memories

First of all… Very, VERY, last minute. But byeeee you guys! Yes, tomorrow I’m off again. Heading back to Ivory Coast. One minute you haven’t been there in 15 years, next minute you’re heading back there within 6 months. I’m super excited. First thing on the list is having a wedding to attend to, and not just any wedding. Like The Clipse, it’s kinda like a big deal! More info soon. So likeI have 2 hours to get some sleep, then I’m off to Schiphol Airport to catch my plane! And I won’t be back ’til August 17th.. C’est vrai. As if I haven’t been slow already with updating lately, I’ll do my darn best to check up every once in a while. Btw below a few images of my past couple of weeks. I wish you all a fantastic summer break, relax, have fun, go crazy! For those who want to stay updated on my where abouts across the gold coast, check up on my facebook (maybe myspace, but I’m hardly ever there). And you can always email (notoriouslyaddictive@gmail.com)!

On a side note: Michael Jackson passed away?!!! This is so sad. He died too young, only 50, and still had so much to live for. My goal was to still dance with him one day, or at least meet him. Too bad that’ll never happen now. I’m in shock and was such an admirer of everything he had done. All we have left now are the great memories, and MJ left us with dozens. When I think of him and all he has done, all I can do is smile and be happy that we once had a King of Pop that was like no other. He was one of a kind and will never be replaced. I love you Michael!

cyns weeks


Michael Jackson
We love you and will miss you surely!
Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson. (1958-2009)

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