coucou from cote d’ivoire!

Hows everything going?!! A quick hello from Ivory Coast, where th weather is sweet with just a bit of rain every now and then (its the season).  i wanted to do a whole report on my first few days here, the wedding and all that..  But I’m in a internet cqfe and running out of time. Basically the wedding was of my nephew and the presidents daughter. it was a hugeeeee 3 day shebang, with a lot of fancy schmancy – pretty cool to be a part of. But it a,e with a lot of pre disasters, like missing my flight, waiting for luggage and a whole lot of bla like that. Thankfully everything turned out alright. I’m in the city right now and am heading to the village tomorow or the day after. My aunt and cousin from Paris are here as well, haven’t seen them in a while so its all fun fun fun!! Ok I’m gonna stop now. Enjoy your holidays and be good! I’ll update as soon as possible. Wanna see pictures? Check facebook, they’ll be on there soon. XO!!!


  1. be welcome in the Ivory Coast and I hope you going good holiday

  2. very nice blog but I do not know how his works, I hope you will show me how its motion was a real pleasure for me

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