they think that i am a place to hang their panties up…

MTV Diary Of… N.E.R.D (Sneak Peek)

Oh, for how I would love to catch another N.E.R.D show. The last in HMH was wayyyy too wild. Just the way I like it 😉 Although my favourite necklace got torn off, I lost an earring and got elbowed in the face (I had Pharrell’s towel in my hand for a sec..), I had a mind-blowing evening. Girls jigglin’ their stuff on stage, guys jigglin’ their stuff on stage… Humps everywhere, but I don’t remember seeing any panties though. I did see a lot of grinding up against PW and posse (embarrassing sight to see). I hope they’ll be coming back soon, with their new formation (incl. Rhea) and blow my mind all over again. And I swear, I’ll keep my panties on.

One comment

  1. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    next time we’re def. there.. again!! 😉

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