Jeremy Scott x Longchamp “Bones” Pliage Bag.

Want this! I adore Jeremy Scott and every time he puts his own touch to a Longchamp bag I try to get my hands on it, but I’m a sec’ too late =(. It’s especially heartbreaking when you see a girl at Amsterdam Amstel train station rocking the “Floral Fights” version you wanted. Grrrr! But with a new one in line, I won’t be too late this time (seems like i’m on a rhyme fest today). Matter of fact, I just ordered mine and can’t wait to sling it over my shoulder (jumps of joy)! I’ve got a jones for bones. And Mr. Scott, you just keep ’em coming. If you’re hungry for some bones, you can get yours at Colette maintenant.

For more images, feast your eyes under the cut.

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