Welcome Back Mixtape.

Jeff Solo & Rory Parks – Welcome Back Mixtape

I say download what I’m about to share with you!
Take Rory aka Swurdin aka Rory Parks and Jeff Solo from the Freshest Kidz, bring them together, add some good tunes and you get an experimental yet “classic” (as they call it) mixtape for you and yours to enjoy. And who doesn’t want one of those? My point exactly! Go, get ittttttt. The link? Above. Tracklist? Below.

01. John Sebastian – Welcome Back (Kotter)
02. Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy
03. Indeep – When Boys Talk (Scratch Version B)
04. Amanda Blank – DJ
05. Machinedrum – Late Night Operation
06. Samson & Delilah – I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away
07. Klein & Mbo – Mbo Theme
08. Lidell Townsell & M.T.F. – Get With U (Morales Def Mix)
09. Cynthia & Johnny O – Dreamboy and Dreamgirl
10. Nice & Wild – Diamond Girl
11. Size Queen – B1 Walk (Paul’s Groove)
12. Quando Quango – Love Tempo (Remix)
13. Little Dragon – My Step
14. The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
15. Jack Penate – Tonight’s Today (Extended Mix)
16. Mr. Oizo – Jo
17. Hamilton Bohannon – Let’s Start the Dance
18. Cajmere – Horny (Me So Horny Mix)
19. Zombie Disco Squad – Eurovision (Mowgli Remix)
20. Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Uproot Andy Remix)
21. DJ Tiga – Do Bad Thingz

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  1. Thanks for posting really appreciate it!

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