DMPC – new accessories + music for the holidays!

DimePiece Designs is stepping it up for the holiday season with new totes and canvases to add to their collection! A great idea for a Christmas gift if you don’t have one yet. I think using their artwork from their Spring ’09 (and even upcoming Spring ’10!) collection was a great idea for the canvases. As for I’m giving my room a new look, I’m considering the “Barbie Clones” canvas…

They also released super cute totes with ‘Love Don’t Pay the Bills,’ ‘Plastic City,’ the ‘Femme Symbol,’ and the new ‘Dimepiece is Your Savior’ print. Need ’em!!

And for the “Sex, Lies & Mixtapes” download, just head on over under the cut…

For every purchase on the DimePiece online store you get a free hard copy of the mixtape, presented by the DimePiece ladies and mixed by DJ88.
But you can also download it over here: Sex, Lies & Mixtapes (right click).

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