soho hearts @

I recently treated myself to these peace earrings by Soho Hearts.
As for I’m obsessed with the “peace sign”, they were perfect for me.
Soho Hearts is offering a super cute range of jewelry, which I def’ want to have.
Like the ones featured above. I realllly want the skull ring!
But am I willing to spend 80 euros for just a ring? Je ne sais pas…
I’m also considering buying the teddybear necklace.
As for the one I have died at the N.E.R.D. concert I went to.
The head is the only thing that survived, haha!

Speaking of N.E.R.D.
They’ll be performing in NL again on June 20th, in my fav spot Paradiso!
Tickets went for sale yesterday, but I can’t seem to cop them online.
So is it already sold out? WOW! I really want to go though…

Back to Soho Hearts.
Cute stuff, and for all you ladies who wants some of that…
Shop your soho heart out at

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