sunday’s at supperclub: SLAVE.

On the 7th of March the third edition of SLAVE will take place in the Supperclub in Amsterdam. A new weekly evening program with arts, culture, music and food hosted by Dimitri Madimin and friends. A place, a space for visual art, performance art, film, dance, spoken-word, poetry, presentations, talk shows, debates and social networking.

After organizing MCE, RedPlanet will help co-host this Sunday’s edition of SLAVE. There will also be a special Supperclub menu for SLAVE people, a main course and dessert for 15 euros. The menu for the evening can be found at the door.

There will also be a after dinner party with DJ’s The Superblenders and Excuses.

The guestlist will close at 20:00.

Date: March 7th
Time: 18:00 – 01:00
Place: Supperclub
Entrance: 5 euros

One comment

  1. I will be MCing the event. This is an event you don’t want to miss! Really dope team, people, atmosphere, FOOD! And the legendary dancing. Baby, you just can’t go wrong – even if you WANTED to 🙂 Come on out – you deserve it!


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