Time for some preachin’, some thoughts, some teachin.
Hasn’t it been a while since I shared some of my thoughts? Other than on music, fashion or whatever. But some of my own. I felt inspired to write a little something. A piece on bullshitters, you may say. If there’s something I can’t stand, it’s people who talk about it, but don’t BE about it. Deceivers, posers, lies are all words that come to mind. See, I’m a pretty down to earth, genuine person (at least I’d like to think so). So people who try to impress me, materialistically, verbally (but truly not saying nothing), name drop, whatever… You’re at the wrong address! It just don’t make sense to me. Just be you, with no effort needed. There’s nothing more annoying than bluffers, who can’t make up for all that puff! You can promise, offer and tell me all you want, but I AIN’T SEEING NOTHING! So boss talker, where’s it all at? In the end you make up for nothing and you’re as naked as the emperor’s new clothes. I’m a go-getter, and will be gone from the ready, before the set ‘n’ go. I got my own and WILL DO my own, without all that fuss. Cause talk is cheap and as you reap what you sow… You get the message. Me, I speak the truth, even when I brag hehehe. Bon, that’s that! If you feel spoken to, then yeah, it’s probably directed to you! Therefore, if you don’t mean what you say… Shut / the f*ck / up!

Roger that?


  1. Dee


    Amennnnnn to THAT sista’!

    love it when u preach girl xxx

  2. Dee

    Hahahaha I wanted to say : But i love YOU more, after my 1st comment nd then this showed up:
    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”


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