GirlsLoveDJs, how I love them!
Just hearing the “term” makes me say “YES, it’s on!”, “It’s going down. Basement!
From what I’ve experienced, it’s one big fiesta guaranteed. And you want to be in on it, for sure. Want to join in on the fun? Why don’t you take a look at their new spring/summer ’10 collection titled “Special Delivery” which is for sale on their webshop, like now! The collection consists of 6 spanking new GirlsLoveDJs designs on 5 different coloured shirts for both chicos y chicas. With the launch of “Special Delivery” GirlsLoveDJs also breaks into a new era when it comes to being a dance brand, with a couple of big events nationally as well as i-n-t-e-r-n-a-t-i-o-n-a-l! I’m talking about: GirlsLoveDJs going outdoorsie on Waterlooplein during Queensnight while flexin it in a bar too. Plus, they’ll be in Supperclub London twice a month starting tomorrow! Word is, there’s something cooking up for Los Angeles and Bali as well. Talk about stepping your game up a notch or 10. I’m looking forward to all their good stuff, 2010 and beyond. Whatever they do, I support GirlsLoveDJs.
Yeah, I said it!

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