Christina on The Oprah Show

Permoning “Not Myself Tonight”

Christina, I’m a fan. Yes, I am and yes I said it! I’m a fan of her voice, an admirer of her talent and I respect every bit of that. However, her latest music choice in my opinion is such a waste of precious time and talent that could be crafted into amazing music! When I first heard “Not Myself Tonight”, I said to myself “Is this a joke? And the video is she really doing this for real?!”. But hey, who am I to say what she can or can not do or make. And honestly, I would dance to it. That much is true! I just think that she could have stepped to the table with better music, period. ‘Cause her voice is the cream of the crop.
Looking at her interview on The Oprah Show (above), I just love to see how much depth this woman has (which, once again, “not myself tonight” does not make up for). We are superhuman indeed, us woman! And hey, for such a provocative song/video, she rocked that performance and sang her lungs out! Tell me who else can sing such a song, those lyrics and sing it so damn on point? Tell me… So all in all, whatever you do Christina, I LOVE YOU! Your #1 Dutch fan from day one 😉

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