Caprice, can’t interview even if his life depended on it!
Earlier this week Big Boy Caprice had his 2 hour radio session on Lijn5.
Where he interviewed Mayer Hawthorne, who was performing in the Melkweg the next day.
Man oh man, what can I say? I loves me a whole lotta Mayer, but Caprice damn holmes!
His interview skills, and overall radio skills got me annoyed. And I’m hoping this was an off day.
I was confused, Mayer was confused, I think even the man himself (Cap) was confused.
It was just one big mess that no one got. And I’m not even speaking my entire mind.
The man can sing and I respect him for that. But please go off our valuable radio air.
Besides that, I did enjoy the music (we need something positive too, right?!) :
Mayer Hawthorne of course, Shareefa, Goapele, my man Mos, Faith, Snoop & more.

click to listen to the show or download here (and forgive Caprice…)

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