Cover art made by: Thomas Huot-Marchand

I appreciate it so much when musicians, artists, designers, or any other individual reaches out to me and wants to share their craft. Although it’s hard to always review everything, when I do get the chance and it’s to my liking, I’m extra thrilled. Same goes for Narqo aka Miqi O. He took the time to email me and share music from his Ep.
The Ep, “Untold #1“, is the first digital Ep from a series of 5 called “Untold Series“. Untold #1 features three tracks.
Listen, redirect yourself and download below.

01. Changes | 02. Funky Ish | 03. A Bit Light To Deem


Funky Ish


To listen to the third, “A Bit Light To Deem“, or all 3 at once, head over to bandcamp.

Good looking out!
And for all you others out there, don’t be shy, email y’girl at notoriouslyaddictive@gmail.com.

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