It’s already the sixth month of the year – June. Probably my favorite month of the year too.
Officially summer and that means it’s officially time to start prepping for all the good stuff that’s about to go down these upcoming months! “Whatever you do, do it in style” they say right? Well I want to do it hella right, and what better way than to do it in HELLZ! (you saw that coming didn’t you). Behold Hellz‘ summer 2010 collection “To Dye For“. Oh, and it sure is. Exactly how I does it, all black & white everything. Keeping it neutral is my way to go nowadays, continued into summer. My bold color days have been put on hold. Ok, maybe a splash of color occasionally. But this collection definitely is the right dosage of b’s and w’s I need this summer. Way to go Lanie!

Summer ’10 “To Dye For” Collection
Hellz is proud present our new Summer ’10 “To Dye For” collection. Notorious for adventure and spontaneity, Summer was the perfect inspiration for the collection. Composed of daring silhouettes as summer staples, combined with marble dye fabric and gradient fringe details, the line provides a dynamic mixture that reflects Summer and Hellz…

… the love, the lust, fate & fortune, all things To Dye For.

Eye-lock your eyes to the campaign. Observe, cop and strut in it. Why? Because it’s simply TO DYE FOR!

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