Missed me? You might have been thinking, did she quit, has she died, or just simply stopped caring about us? I can assure you NONE of that is true! You know me, every once in a while I just disappear for a second or two (or more…), but I always return. After all, home is where the heart is right? Whether it’s north, east, south or west, M.N.A. is always best for me and I always make it back on time for the home run. What has kept your girl so busy? An excessive mix of business, pleasure, stress, stress and the usual daily grind. On my “fun time” I went to see Trey Songz perform in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I had a good time, but was a bit annoyed due to issues with my photographer. Another story, that we don’t need to get in to. Trey had a great performance though, the girls went crazy and it definitely was a panty dropper. Or in my case a jaw dropper; haven’t seen that many hoochies all in one spot at the same time in a loooong time (or ever?). I’m sorry, it just had to be said. Hey, whatever you have to do to get yourself on stage, backstage or on any stage I guess. More power to you for even having the guts to go out in public like that. I thought my baggy pants paired with my stripper heels was daring enough! All in all, I had a smashing evening and I can only thank the good folks over at Roqmusicgroup for that. So, thank you! Unfortunately, I can not post the “official” images that were made that evening, but I’ll be able to post some videos up soon. So keep an eye out for that. That same night, we moved the party to the afterparty which for me and my girls was at Paradiso. My first time visiting B.O.S.S. and boy and boy did I have fun. I danced the night away, spectators and all and I loved it. Next B.O.S.S., ya girl will be there. Join me! Further fun time in my break from blogging was catching up with friends when I did have the time. This past Thursday I met up with Harvey and we had some well deserved qt. I surprised him with a treat to Foam Photography Museum, which used to be a regular for us in 2007, it was like a second home to us. Since we haven’t been there, together, in such a long time, it only felt more than right to take it back to the “roots”. We enjoyed the works of Ari Marcopoulos, Paul Graham, Simon Wald-Lasowski and Hans van den Bogaard’s freaky side. It was all so great though, it did our souls well. View a couple of images below. Come to think of it, I did shit loads of fun stuff these past two weeks! Too much to type.
I guess if you want to mark my every move (well, some of it), you should just stick to my ass like glue and follow the shit out of me at this place where me and my birds hang. It’s your girl, signing off, glad to be back and who always keeps you intact with the new new, old old and anything that’s pure gold. Keep your eyes on the prize.

holla for a $

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