The Roots, The Roots, The Roots. How I love ’em.
A great new video for “How I Got Over“, the title track to their ninth album.
“How I Got Over” is set to release June 22nd, and you can preview it here.
They will also be performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Taking the stage on Saturday, July 10th.
Want to know who is performing all three days? Then check out the schedule over here.

A track off their album that I want to share is “The Day“.
This is exactly my kinda sh*t. Good stuff.
Today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day!

Download: The Roots ft. Blu, Phonte & Patty Cash – The Day

North Sea Jazz Festival :
9 – 10 – 11 July


  1. zo nice:) ik vergeet the roots te vaak! leg m toch maar weer op de decks!

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