Marc Ecko Watches launches a new collection for the ladies!

Worldwide the brand is known for their innumerable unique trendy watches, for both men and women.
But now the time has come that the emphasis is laid on the female consumer of Marc Ecko Watches.

The collection is designed specially for fashion-conscious chicas who want to stand out. The watches are created with a female touch, inspired by beautiful jewels with patented material, clear colours, gentle graphic detailing and watch links of both crocodile and metallic leathers. From trendy and hip, posh and unafraid, to refined and sexy, the Ladies Collection exists of unique hour pieces that suits any personality of a woman from our day and age.

So if you’re a woman who’s passionate and involved in fashion, music, sport, technology, art and social media, then a Marc Ecko watch is one for you. The female designs and the unprecedented details in the hour work does not only make it a watch, but also fashionable accessory for the Ecko Lady!
Marc Ecko watches exude character and individual style, not only the time.

I’ll have one in every colour thank you!

For more information on Marc Ecko watches, visit:

One comment

  1. hank

    yo, that shit be dope!

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