Image above is photographed by Sharon Jane Dompig

What’s good, what’s good, what’s goooood?
Do me a favor will ya? Grab your agenda, notebook, blackberry, iphone, broken phone…
Or anything u write down your appointments/reminders in, and scribble this down:
Blockjam presented by Metro54 at Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, this Saturday (17th of July).
What can you expect? A mash-up of youth-culture, fashion and musicstyles nurtured in our beloved city (A’dam).
Who can you expect? Live performances from Zwart Licht, Mo & Brakko, Skinto and The Mitchell Brothers (UK). A dance performance by Multiple Moves i.a.w. Krater Theater, a short documentary titled “Bijlmershake
The exposition “Home Made in the Bijlmer” by Ilja Meefout, pop-up shops and guerrilla spoken word performances..
Upcoming dj-talent such as, L’Afrique Som Systeme, Viral Radio, soundsystem  with DJ 360 and DJ Leee, will be keeping the spirit alive. When you’re starving, you can chill and have some delish food from Bijlmer’s best kwown BBQ provided by Patrick’s Catering. The event starts at 15.00 with a smashing opening from SEBB feat. Eternity, Zuidoost’s best brassband.
You catch my drift dontcha? From 15.00 ’til 23.00 you’ll have plenty to do, plenty to see, plenty to enjoy!
I’m inviting my friends and if you invite your friends and then some, then who can stop it from being a blast?

Metro54 Blockjam
Date: July 17th, 2010
Location: onder station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena
Time: 15.00-23.00 uur
Entrance = FREE!
More info:

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