Everyone has his or hers favorite Michael Joseph Jackson track; DJ AG Blends has one too, in fact, as a little kid he used to watch this video over and over again, just because he couldn’t let go of the break: “Do you remember girl! On the phone, you and me, till dawn, till three, now what about us, girl”! The track in question? Indeed, “Remember The Time”. To honor that video, AG Blends has made a re-edit of the classic New Jack Swing type of song, with the video break in between; check it out on Put the track on your Blackberry, Iphone, PC, Mac, MP3 player, CD, Casette, share it with a friend, dance to it with yo momma and remember the time with a big smile.

And for those who can’t let go of the original? Check out the 9.16 minute video below.
I still dance like an Egyptian in the club, breaking my back and everything.
Classic moves right there!

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