the skinNY!

This single-handedly made my day: “the skinNY“!
Two drags acting like their both the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) of NY.
Potty mouths, don’t-give-a-fuck-isms, loud, fashion faux pas fashionista and draining down liqour.
Two queens to my heart! Who will surely bring me many lol, rofl, and other abbreviated hilariousness.

“the skinNY” is the story of Rachel and Joanna, two wildly self-confident girls from Orlando who move to New York to work in PR and “run this town.” They dress like it’s 2004, believe they can have any guy they want, and listen almost exclusively to Fergie. Starring Jonny Sollis and Fabrizio Goldstein (The Fat Jew). Produced by Nick Gallo from The Onion, a news satire organization.

I came across this trailer via Va$htie, who in turn found it over at Blogue.

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