Tales from Taiwan: Day #3

Ni hao! How has it been my dear friends? This is day three for me here in Taiwan and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. These past few days have been simply amazing. I’m still in such awe that I’m in Taipei at the moment. This city is incredible! I must say that today has been truly special, with an emphasis on this evening. I just had dinner on the 85th floor of the world’s second highest building: the 101! The view, my gosh, the view! Unfortunately I didn’t bring the cable for my camera with me, so I have no pictures to share (yet!). But trust me, it was breathtaking, the food was deeeeelicious (I made pictures for you Eshly ;)) and the company I was with (my dad’s boss, wife and family) was the kindest of kind. Ofcourse, dinner was their treat ;). Haha! But other than that, truly genuine, nice people. For all you ladies, save up for Taipei, because shopping is to – die – for! Shopping malls from left to right, and I’m not taking mini malls, no, the walhalla, don’t know where to look, hope I’m stacking cash, kind of shopping malls. Most definitely I’m stashing in! Besides that, there are plenty of what they call “night markets”. Which are open ’til about midnight and you can buy everything from clothes to shoes, accessories, food and other groceries and even pets! You should definitely visit a couple if you’re heading this way. Yesterday I went to the Zoo here and saw Taiwan’s infamous “panda”, amongst other very tired and woozy creatures. I also took a cable ride up to the mountains and visited a beautiful temple. And I can’t wait to see the rest of this city as the days pass by. I take showers atleast 2 times a day, I decided I should increase it to three. Not because I’m sweating like a pig or whatever, no.. Because my bathroom is one to fit a queen like me, ;). A hot tub to fit a whole party, WITH TV, may I say! Next to the hot tub there’s a shower with water coming from every direction you can possibly think of, massages, massages, massages! And you can even turn the shower cabin into a steam room. Lord have mercy, my jaw dropped down to the floor when I found out. But the bathroom already had me by the huge tub with tv. Ultimate relaxtion, which was highly needed. So yeah, two to three showers/baths a day. So if you’re wondering how I spend my mornings? It’s in the tub, watching a movie (great english movie channels) or listening to some music, enjoying some fruit, soaking until I get wrinkly. And for those who are wondering what I’m doing in Taipei? Well besides plundering bank accounts, I’m visiting my father who is working here and it’s his account who I’m emptying 😉 Not that I’m spoiled, I brought my money. But hey, I’m daddy’s little girl what can I say? Well, I think this message from M.N.A. has come to an end. I’ll try keeping you guys updated every once in a while. Til the next “Tale from Taiwan”. Yours truly, Ms. Notoriously Addictive. Wan An (goodnight!)


  1. Diana Estrela

    I’m jealous mami! Lol, have muchmuch fun! When will u be back in NL? -xx- Diana

  2. Rishna

    Girl!!! I MOST DEF. JUST LOVE YOUR STORIES!! I think i will make Taipei one of my stops when I will be visiting Malaysia again!! WOWWW JELOUS OF UR BATH TUB!! goshhh I can only imagine!!!
    I KNOW!!! Shopping over there is just..well…just…I JUST KNOW! hahahahah poor daddy of yours but yep your his little girl 😛 !!

    Anyway love to read more and be jelous of you from my cauch here in Holland!! blehh!!

    Keep enjoying! I know you will!! x.o.x.o


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