Tales from Taiwan: Day #6/7

I started writing this post yesterday, day 6, but had to leave.. A couple of divine baths and a dozen of dumplings later I’m back to finish this post. Here’s what I started with yesterday: “How time flies! It’s already day six for me here in Taiwan, and this time next week I’ve already spent two nights in my own bed. As much as I’m looking forward to that, there is still so much more left to see here in the city alone! Never mind the country, that will have to be explored some other time (I’m definitely returning!). This is the first stormy day I’ve experienced here and up to now, it’s 15:00, I am still stuck in the hotel. But that’s no problem, atleast I have some time to share with you what I have been up to. Will it be a surprise? I hardly think so.. SHOPPING, duhh! Said like a true airhead. Nightmarkets, I think I wrote something about it last time right? Well I went to the biggest one in town-ShiLin. It will drive you insane in a good way.  Wayyyy too much to see and spend. And of course, I did both. For my cherished friends and loved ones I bought some souvenirs, yesss ;)” Now to continue… Indeed I’m not heading back empty handed and no, I am not only thinking about myself. Even though I think I do deserve to be selfish for once 😉 Besides shopping, I’ve made a new friend-Alicia. She’s the niece of my father’s boss and we met at the dinner on 101’s 85th floor. Besides showing me around at ShiLin, she took me to another famed place in Taipei-Din Tai Fung restaurant, famous for its dumplings and was “crowned” one of the top 10 best restaurants of THE WORLD by TIME magazine. So so true! Not only their dumplings, but also the other dishes got me hooked and I desperately want to return. Plus the service is great too. They continually serve you with jasmine tea and make sure your every need is catered to. There are more than one Din Tai Fung restaurants in Taipei and we went to the one in Sogo shopping mall. Above me was the Chanel, Burberry, Cartier etc. etc. store and I was desperately wanting to buy something, but of course it remained only a feast for my eyes. Oh and to head back to the ShiLin night market, there were also plenty of “food courts”-uncountable food stands next to eachother and a note to Diana: I HAD THE AI YU PIN (lemon pudding)! It was guuuud. As well as the ice flake icecreams, tofu’s (except for the stinky tofu, yuck!) and some kind of pancake with peanuts in it. I love trying out new foods, so I’m definitely at the right place. The taiwanese cuisine is so diverse, there is plenty to try out! What else have I been up to? I went to the cinema here, incredible! The screen, sound, whole cinema was top notch. I went to see Inception. I don’t have a full verdict yet. Not that I didn’t like it, I did, but I’ll have to see it again and then maybe again…

Well, only a couple of days left. This weekend I’m heading to all the museum’s and maybe a few more temple’s. Do some final relaxation (sleep, sleep, sleep, baths, sauna’s, massages, sleep..) and of course empty out those last ton of stores. Maybe I’ll hit you up with a final “Tale from Taiwan”. Otherwise, it was an honour to experience Taipei and see you on the other side. Yours truly, M.N.A.

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