Tales from Taiwan: Day #8/9/10

I wrote a little something before, day 8, which I will share below and continue from there on.

Day #8:
“The world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire!”, and I’m not talking Travis or Bruno. No, I’m talking me, myself, Ms. Notoriously Addictive, Ms. Cynthia Abigail, miss whatever you want it to be. After what I saw today in Taipei, that’s exactly what I need to be. I visited the National Palace Museum today and I want to buy e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that’s in it! It was absolutely amazing and priceless. All of the chinese national treasures are in this museum and from what I am told, China wants it all back. Causing extra tension between Taiwan and China and who knows how this will be solved, but I think it looks perfectly fine where it is and shouldn’t moved one inch. I made a couple of pictures, which is absolutely forbidden, that I will share when I get back.

Side note: it’s Valentine’s Day in Taiwan today and Boyz II Men are performing in town tonight. Would you be my Valentine?

Since yesterday I’ve been feeling kind of sick. A bit of a fever, my throat hurts terribly as well as my back. And I’ve been having a bit of stomache aches as well. With a nice hot shower and a good nights sleep I thought I would be feeling much better. And I was this morning, besides not having a voice, until this afternoon. At the museum my stomache was acting up once again, but I decided to ignore it. After dinner, Indonesian (there are lots here in Taiwan), we went to the main train station for some desert at Starbucks, to then head back home (I always call hotels home for some reason). In the middle of the station was this “point” where you could get massages (no, me love you long time type of stuff). My father (who I am visiting here, for those who didn’t know) suggested I should get one. At first I refused, I only saw a massage chair and expected a 10 minute “rub” that wouldn’t do me any good. But with some insisting, I gave in. Before I knew it I was guided to the back, behind a curtain, for a “private” massage. Could this be good I wondered? My masseuse was a half blind woman, all the masseuses were partially blind actually, with to my surprise extremely (seriously, ridiculously)  strong hands. The thirty minute massage was more like a thirty minute death wish. She was hurting me so bad and at times it hurt so bad, that it was almost good and tickly. At one point I had to laugh so loud, it made her laugh. The strange thing is, is that it seemed like she knew exactly where I was hurting without me telling her so. Or knew where I needed extra attention where I didn’t even know I needed it. Well, she is a pro.. So it isn’t that much of a surprise. However, I did notice her focussing on my neck, shoulders, back and parts of my stomache and waist. She was pinching, hitting, almost punching, and digging into those areas so much that it made me feel like something was wrong over there. After the buzzer went off, the 30 minutes were up, her boss came over to tell her to stop. But she just kept on going and going and going, as if she wanted me to leave completely “cured”. It wasn’t til all of the hurting was over, I could appreciate what she had done. My body felt entirely different. When it was all done, she said thank you to ME (they all do that, it strange but very sweet), looked me in the eye and with a serious face started to say something in Taiwanese. With someone there to translate, I could luckily understand what she was saying. She told me that I seriously have to relax myself! Which is so true, but how does a busy bee like me do that? I guess I’ll have to make some changes from now on. Not a complete 180, ’cause I’ll always be that same ol’ G, haha! 😉 I’m just going to give less of a shit about things, because negativity is such a waste. It’s time for me to get back to being that positive person I truly am, minus over analazying the ‘bs’ on the side. I’m in a higher atmosphere, on a whole other level and plane, and I’m not about to get off. It’s just up to you if you want to take that ride with me. Enough! Buddha influenced me too much today ;).

Signing off once again, I’m going to enjoy the view from my hotel room. The 101 building to my left, a beautiful temple to my right and breathtaking fireworks right in front of me. I will miss this view. Til the next “Tale from Taiwan” perhaps. Otherwise, see you on the other side.

Day #9:
Keeping it short. Today was awesome awesome awesome!
I went to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall (look it up!). I’ve learned to much about his history and the history of this country. Most of his beautiful memories in one place. It was a great experience to soak that all into that brain of mine. Being a history and architecture nerd, it was really the right place for me. Can’t wait to share the pictures! After that I went to a flee/artistic market with my father. LOVED IT! There were so many cool stuff, second-hand, to buy. But also new, hand made pieces that were made on the spot. I bought three pairs of vintage sunglasses and of course more accessories. My father bought a beautiful red buddha for a bargain price, so we were all pleased with our findings. To my appetite’s delight we had dinner at Din Tai Fung again, but not the one I went to before, the original place. We order four times as much and it was hard to stuff it all in, and even harder to not eat it at all. Once again, it was over delicious and I really think they should open one in Amsterdam, because I’m going to miss the food terribly! Especially the red bean dumpling desert, mmmm. To finish off a perfect day, I went shopping with my friend Alicia at another nightmarket-ShiDa. It was much smaller than ShiLin nightmarket, but definitely not less fulfilling. It was much more of an “underground”/artistic nightmarket, with lots of young designers and also vintage boutiques. I’m bummed I have to leave tomorrow.. I REALLY NEED TO HEAD BACK!

Day #10:
It’s the last day… It’s the very last day.
As much as I’m excited to see everyone back home again. I also don’t want to leave.
There is still so much left for me to see and especially eat and shop! I will try to make it back ASAP. And I recommend everyone to visit Taiwan atleast once. I’m going to finish my last minute to do list: eat at the famous waffel place in town with Alicia and her mother, do some last minute shoppging, one final bath and sauna, pack, spend some last moments with my dad here and then it’s off to the airport. Everyone that I met here, THANK YOU, everything that I’ve seen here, THANK YOU, but most of all THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH dad for making all of this happen. Inviting me, taking such great care of me and giving me a wonderful time. THANKS!

On a side note: Something coincidentally funny… Last year I was flying back from Abidjan (Ivory Coast to NL) on the 16th, arrived the 17th of august. Same thing today, it’s the 16th and I’m flying from Taipei arriving in Amsterdam the 17th. And while I’m once again up in the air, flying back home. This blog, M.N.A., is celebrating its birthday. We’re already at year numero tres my beloved readers! 3 YEARS OF BLOGGING BLISS!

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