I am the bearer of good news. Bearer of even better music. Simply bearer of all things great!
Just like this beautiful piece of work that consists of 9 free tracks
from your boys FATA, called ‘Gewoon Bam‘.

Yes, yes y’all. After all the tweeting about, it is finally here!
With productions from Wan & Louis Bordeaux of course,
but also beats from Cirino Brown, Sotu the Traveller and Mr. International AKA I.N.T.

And on vocals the main three: Wan, K1 Kerbusch and Louis Bordeaux.
With guest performances by Deventer’s finests: Nexusz (Floawaz), Rob Dekay & DMG.

If you know what’s good for ya, you will listen & ‘load this baby!
And if you want a copy on cd…? Email me:
Tell me when you’ll use the term “GEWOON BAM”.
First 4 cool answers, WINS!
Howcome? Gewoon BAM, omdat ik het kan 😉

Listen & Load:

1. Nog Steeds – 2. Hoor Me Nou – 3. Gewoon Bam
4. Hey Jij – 5. Mooi (Niet) – 6. Alles is niet alles
7. Serieus – 8. Winnaar’s Mentaliteit – 9. Ganoumanahuis

For more on FATA, upcoming shows, etc.
check: www.fata.nl

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