WIN TICKETS FOR THE GARDENS! : Full Crate & FS Green “Eggs And Pancakes” release party

THE GARDENS: Full Crate & FS GreenEggs And Pancakes” release party

Every first Friday of the month, DJ’s Manga & Full Crate,
turn the Bitterzoet into their personal playground during The Gardens.

The November edition is set to be a special one, where Full Crate & FS Green will be celebrating the release of their collaborative album “Eggs And Pancakes”. This evening you will not only be served with an intimate listening sessions, but there will also be a limited amount of vinyl albums sold for a special price.
So make sure to head on over!

Due to Full Crate’s September blend being such a delight, this time around Manga and Crate decided to come together and blend a soulful mix for you and yours. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful sounds of:
The Gardens: November Niceness” mix (right click save as).

‘Cause the good folks over at MOOVMNT aren’t greedy, not only the mix is a free download, but you can also attend the evening gratuit! Yes, here at M.N.A. you can win 1×2 guestlist spots for this Friday’s edition. All you gotta do is tell me how you like your eggs and pancakes and email me at

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