With full inboxes and quick glances over the names you see pass by, you sometimes miss out on things you wished you haven’t. Such as the London based duo ‘Mahon‘. Mahon is a collaboration between Irish singer, Fiona Mahon, and Jamaican-American producer, Trevor Goodchilde. Mahon follows in the tradition of classic dance music partnerships like Inner City and Everything but the Girl, mixing an electronic sensibility with influences from pioneering artists like Prince, Grace Jones, Arthur Russell and Bjork. In October of last year Mahon presented their debut EP ‘Human’, which is a mesmerizing glimpse into their unique world and a delectable flavour of what’s next to come, and I want hear more of Mahon! View two of their videos above and the link to ‘Human’ below. Plus tracklisting under the cut…

Listen: Mahon – Human (presented by R2 Records)

Mahon – Human

1. Closer
2. Human
3. You’ll Never Find Another Love
4. Fade Away
5. Closer (Kaytronix Insanely Kloser Dub)
6. Closer (Kaytronix Uptown Saturday Nite Remix)

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