“The beast is coming to get you!” Check out this video from Dutch duo, Classic Brothers, featuring Los Angeles native Erica, presented to you by Magnetron Music. “Beast” portrays the duos smooth side as opposed to the weird and harsh sounds of some of their other tracks, such as Melomane. Their album ‘Off’ reflects the Brothers’ vast array of influences, from Siriusmo to Dilla, from Pharell to mr. Oizo. Some have called it a mixture between Aphex Twin and Macy Gray. You can listen to it on Luisterpaal now! Plus, like the fam (MM) they come from on facebook, follow on twitter & all that waviness. Classic Brothers:

“We like simplicity with a purpose, but don’t like ‘minimal’ when that means ‘my first beat’. We love electro, but don’t understand why it has to be stuck in the 80s so often. We love clubs, but shake our heads at the music for kids-melodies that some dj’s allow in their trance. We love hip hop but sure had enough of “nothing new under the sun” again and again. We love R&B, b… Oh yadaa yadaa…We are the Classic Brothers”

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