Poppy, super cute & 100% bad ass, that’s exactly what she is – Phlo Finister. This former model/stylist is bff’s with Peaches Geldof, and rolls with Taz Arnold, Kanye, Kelis & CuDi (yes, the Kid). With style and grace, and her pretty face she releases her inaugural album ‘Silver Hill‘ (released with Ti$a Records). To top it off, her phlo is tight. Influenced by the 1960s, I love how Phlo is mimicking the Life & Times of Andy Warhol and the psychiatric hospital days of Edie Sedgwick on Sugar Hill.
I definitely see myself getting dressed to songs like ‘Ikon Girl‘, ‘Misfit‘ and ‘D.I.M.H.‘, ready to hit the town or get set to start my day. One of my favs is ‘Closer To You‘, featuring her best friend and Cory Enemy. Like!

Phlo Finister – Silver Hill

Did I already mention she’s super cute? | I got a mojo for Ms. Phlojoe!

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