One of my old favs crossed my path again, and how pleased I am to hear it. Not too old to be crowned a “Notorious Throwback“, but at the same time I have good memories to this song since somewhere in ’07 I believe. Either way a lyrically excellent (and in true Cee-Lo humour) track, that is on my playlist for keeps. The man’s a genius and I hope you all will co-sign me on that. Now sit back, listen and enjoy each word.

Sometimes a stranger can be your best friend
 Sometimes being angry is the best mood
 Sometimes seeing you feel good makes me feel even better
 Sometimes hunger is the best food
 Sometimes good just ain’t good enough
 And other times evil will get you even
 Sometimes faith is not knowing any better
 Sometimes nothing is what you believe in
Sometimes you fail trying
 And sometimes happiness hurts worse
 Sometimes people live dying
 Sometimes it’s the last person that makes you first
 Sometimes you’ll keep what you don’t want
 And other times you’ll give away what you really need
 Sometimes a rich man won’t have a dollar
 And all a poor man has is greed
My feelings were no more direct so the conclusion is seclusion
 Because mixed belief create confusion
 To remain plain and simplistic, realistic
 Accurate, articulate and absolutely artistic
 Uninhibited, unadulterated, unstoppable
 Unfuckwittable and unforgettable

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