Last year February, I wrote a post about “Spitting Ink – A Documentary About Poetry” directed by Ralph de Haan and Lars Siemens. The film premiered at the International IDFA festival and has screened at various film festivals since. A couple of days ago, Ralph contacted me to share that the film is now online. It is a must see, and if you haven’t done so yet, I suggest you sit back and take the time to do it now! In this documentary the directors tried to capture the essence of the poetry, as well as the poets who define the streets of New York. Spitting Ink follows eight spoken word artists as they traverse the streets, perform in situ, and talk about their motivation to write. Also check out the “Spelling Brooklyn” footage under the cut. Filmed in 2002, when they met up with Eric Guerrieri in 2002 at New York’s Bar13.

We met Eric Guerrieri in 2002 at New York’s Bar13, he was hosting the spoken word night there. We decided to film him perform one of his poems on location. We read through some of his work, picked a poem, and continued drinking. The next morning I met him at his house on Franklin Avenue, with a 40 year old 16mm camera (Arri ST), a beat-up dat recorder, a stack of out of date short ends of film and a hangover. Half of the time either the camera had run out of film or the dat wasn’t recording. When we loaded the material into the AVID we realized that not many images actually matched the sound. Whoever agreed to help us with the edit must be a saint.

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