After the show it’s the afterparty, then… After the party it’s the hotel lobby, then…
You know what it issssss! The weekend is approaching and I’ve informed you well in time about my whereabouts this upcoming weekend, and if you practice what I preach, yours too. Friday is all about The DirtyDirtyDirty at Paradiso. Sunday is allllll about Appelsap (with Kendrick Lamar added to the line-up)! But we sure as hell can’t forget the day in between, Saturday – Amsterdam HipHop Festival with Redman, EPMD, Lords Of The Underground, Jeru The Damaja, Onyx, Paris, The Beatnuts, I need you catch my breath…. If you catch my drift. You KNOW you have to be there. And if you can’t get enough of the day, then let us proceed into the night with BOSS hosting the official after party at Paradiso, as usual, for AHHF. Now, you know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t help you out a little. Since my lucky number is four, I’m going to give away four guestlist spots for the after party too. Thanks to the good folk over at BOSS of course! Four spots in the form of 2×2. All you’ve got to do is, and this reaaalllllly is a give-away, is to answer the following question: Who said “After the show it’s the afterparty, then.. After the party it’s the hotel lobby, then…” and in which song? Easy innit? E-mail your answers over to and four of you, picked at random, might just have a hip hop hooray Saturday. Submit before 00:00 tonight. Bonne weekend mes amis!

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