Seems like it’s a day full of surprises in my inbox. I love it, keep ’em coming at One of those surprises came from Stephanie Estes, who has been loyally informing me over the years of M.N.A. on the latest newnew what to keep an eye out for and all that good stuff; such as the newest video from The Black Opera. I could tell you who The Black Opera consists of, but the artists prefer to keep their identities concealed for the sake of the movement, so I’ll respectfully do so. “Gods Camera” is the latest video inspired from their debut project, Overture. Also check out “Sleep Tight“, their first official music video (under the cut) if you weren’t familiar with them yet. You might not know it Stephanie, but thank you for keep on giving me food for thought and new music to look forward to.

WE are ALL currently under surveillance. – #TheBlackOpera
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