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I’m still on vacation. But from my Barcelona balcony, I’ll make an exception for Full Crate. The summer continues with his “Woofers & Dirt” mix. After playing at lots of festivals this summer with some crazy energetic tunes, it only felt right for Full Crate to make a mix for the people to enjoy that same festival vibe at home, in the car, on their bikes towards work, or whatever you can make a good excuse for. Lucky enough to have seen him play at this year’s Mysterland festival, I can understand why we would want to latch on to this summer feeling he provides us just a tad bit longer. What you can expect? A 90 minute musical journey filled with some of the newest and best UK / House / Grime / Dub / Broken / Drum & Bass / Electronic sounds. As Full Crate puts it himself: “Just make sure your bass level & woofers are in check, cuz this is pure dirt!!!!”. Not to mention that the sick artwork is made by Punchdouble. Who also just released his book “Bare Essentials“. Go get itttt! All that’s left for me to say is ENJOY, which I’m sure you will. Now all we can do is wait for his next release in anticipation. In the meantime, I’ll be catching some rays of sun while summer’s still here. Back before you know it!

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