Could “Swim Good” possibly be my favorite track of the year? Or is it that I’m high on life, excited that there are finally, and greatlookingly (not a word? Whatevs.), visuals to Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’?! I’ll settle for a combination of both. After many fan-made videos and covers (some bad, good, and simply breathtaking like this one by Ebrahim), Frankie found it was due time to cater to us with the real deal. Due time indeed! Swim Good is featured on Ocean’s Nostalgia, ULTRA album, which I pretty much expect, if not DEMAND you to know by now. The video is directed by Nabil Elderkin and with a true Frank Ocean feel to it, I must say that I’m perfectly pleased with the result. Yep, let’s put this vid on repeat today. Enjoy!

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