So, in a heartbeat I deleted the old rant I had written down here before.
I was in my teens, and basically it was obnoxious.

Started with the name ‘(Ms.) Notoriously Addictive’, I’ve been blogging here since 2007. I’ve come a long way since the early M.N.A. days, but some things stay the same. Like, a girl just wants to share what she enjoys and fuss about that which she doesn’t. I can’t promise you a daily stream of my what-nots, but I do appreciate your occasional peek-a-boos. For more of my work, visit www.houseofnotoire.com.

Oh, and hi, my name is Cynthia.


  1. I was looking at my webstats when i saw your blog as a traffic source. i’d never heard about it so i decided to take a look. now i just wanted to say: great job, keep it up! and i’m adding you to the links on my blog.


  2. swurdin

    I like your blog. Keep it up.


  3. Deluge

    what they said.

  4. What Deluge said +12…Moovmnt WHUT!?!

  5. A True Melanin Bomb… Much Gratitude ~Bless.

  6. So you’re a dimepiece fan, keep on doing your thing.

    Dimepiece dutch Distributor,


  7. Hello darling
    just came through your page
    keep it up

  8. sam

    i love it!
    keep doing your thing girl.

  9. what deluge, lee and nilez said times 4;) lovin it

  10. NoWlay

    nice blog,
    I like it

  11. Mike

    Hey how was yesterday where did you went after trey song ? I hope ya’ll had good night and say hi to lieneke. I hope you didn’t forgot me H@lle @t me Mike xXx.

  12. Tof blog, not so fan van die snapshots plugin though.

  13. Alicia

    ohh girl, u must link it to facebook if u hav new posts otherwise i will b so lost in ur blog!

    bt i like ur blog! ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. GNOME CWK (Mark) from Bklyn NYC!!!

    What’s up!!! Like your blog! Keep it up!!!

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