55DSL × Complete Technique

On October 3rd, 55DSL launched a unique collaboration with a one of a kind jewelry line from the shores of Japan, Complete Technique. Its an exclusive limited edition speaker pendant available solely at the 55DSL New York flagship store location at 281 Lafayette Street Soho, NYC. Doesn’t mean that I don’t have to post it, because I’m on the other side of the ocean

The speaker pendant made in resplendent black and gold precious metals is crafted with a beautiful Fifty Five DSL personalization. Each is serialized and numbered from 1 to 55 and stamped bearing a hallmark of the flagship’s home city…NY!! The limited edition piece compliments the recently launched 55DSL FW08 Collection. The graphic story in the Italian streetwear brand’s latest collection was inspired by hi-fidelity stereo equipment and has twisted references to the late 80’s, so the pendant fit the collection perfectly!

Koyama on why he chose to collaborate with 55DSL:

“Our concepts for this season were perfectly matched, so I really wanted to do some sort of collaboration with 55DSL. Also quality of goods and attention to detail is really important to me, and at 55DSL if you really look into the product you will find amazing detail….. Plus I like the way 55DSL clothing fits, I’m sure that I will wear it forever”.

One comment

  1. charla caponi

    this shit is dope… nice one 55DSL. you guys are always ahead of the game.

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